Denim Repair Therapy: How to Breathe Life Into Battered Jeans

Have you ever wondered how to revamp your battered jeans into an altogether new look? Fortunately, there are quick fix solutions for your old casual clothing for women – denims. To infuse a new look for denim casual dresses, there are various ways and some of them are listed below:

Denims start fraying with regular usage. In fact that is the first sign of denims wearing off with time. Fraying usually refers to little threads popping out from here and there, and throughout the surface. In most cases, it happens closer to the edges. An easier way to get your denim back to its original state is to trim away those extended frays along the edges. Use a sharp pair of scissor to mercilessly chop off those unwanted threads and get your pair back to its normal state.

Looking fuzzy and puffed up is quite natural for women clothing like denims. The denims are usually made of spandex cotton and are slightly thicker than other casual clothes made of cotton. The fuzziness gives way to little shreds of tiny knots all over the jeans. This can easily be removed by rubbing the fabric with a gentle brush. Make sure the bristles of the brush are soft and do not cause the plus size denim dress to wear away completely. Brushing helps get rid of the fuzzy look and restores the natural look of the denim.

Another major hurdle that comes with most of women casual clothing is warping. They fall out of shape and start taking an unusual bend and also do not give a perfect fit. This might be due to various reasons, such as weight loss, washing and regular wear and tear. The quick fix solution for warping would be to steam iron the pair of denims with high temperature settings. To an extent, the steam ironing does help in reducing the warped look of the pair and restores its original shape and fit.

On the whole, these are the very basic methods of revamping your old pair of denims to its original state. They can be done at the comfort of home or you can even hire a professional for the job.

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